• Emma Wallington

Our Number 1 Gift Recommendation For Children This Christmas

One of the biggest challenges at Christmastime is often dealing with requests from family and friends regarding what they can buy for the children! Despite the long Christmas lists that inevitably are written, it is tricky and even stressful to think of ideas that are needed, within the buyer’s budget and not going to add more unnecessary plastic to the world (or your home!!) for a few minutes worth of enjoyment!

An idea is to ask friends and family to contribute to the child's savings account instead, as a meaningful contribution to their future. As a further idea, this could be given with a physical card with kind words explaining the savings contribution that can be given to the child when they turn 18. If they don’t have a savings account already, why not give them the gift of opening one for them to capture Christmas and birthday money. Some may argue that it's a bit 'bah humbug' now, however when your child turns 18 years old and you can hand over a savings account with (potentially) several thousands pounds in it - they are going to be very grateful that you did this for them.

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