• Emma Wallington

How I decided to give these guys the very best start in life

Snowball is an investment platform dedicated to giving children the best start in life.

Our story begins with me (Emma!) becoming a mum to two girls in 2016 and feeling very responsible for giving them the best possible chances in life. I started thinking about investing money for them to enable their future - university fees, a house deposit, or simply just to feel financially secure and do what they love. Great idea in theory, but I experienced 3 major challenges trying to do this…

1. ‘Investment platforms’ were confusing and intimidating! I didn’t have enough money to justify an IFA or wealth planner and felt that I lacked the knowledge and confidence in where and how to properly invest for my children. Investing should be simple and low-cost.

2. Family and friends wanted to gift money to my children but this was painfully hard for them. My father in law wanted to give my daughters money for Christmas and ended up doing so with a cheque!! Anyone still own a cheque book!? I thought that there has to be a better, easier (digital) way to allow my family to contribute to my children’s future savings

3. I knew I wanted the money to GROW! 60% of parents currently saving for their children are doing so in cash. It’s like putting money under a mattress; it won’t grow! Over the past 10 years, investing in a low-risk tracker fund vs. cash would make that person 165% wealthier!

With the post-COVID future for our children looking uncertain due to the cost of the pandemic, ever increasing house prices, ever increasing living costs; I wanted to do something tangible to help give children a better financial start. The output is Snowball Invest - a no nonsense, easy to use, engaging platform which I hope inspires you to invest in your child’s future too. Launching 2021 🚀

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